Saturday, July 30, 2011

NABJ 2012 (The Goals Are Coming Closer To Me)

Within the last few days my twitter has been flooded with conversations on the National Association Of Black Journalists 2011 conference. It's right around the corner for those that are going. This conference has been bitter sweet for me this year because somewhere somehow someone has inspired me to be more passionate about this goal of being a journalist. I actually prefer the term writer, but journalist sounds more professional.

Making a goal of going to this conference has been more than about networking. It's has grown into an experience where I can surround myself with like-minded people. In June I went to another conference, which was directed towards authors and the experience was wonderful. It was actually surreal. Some of these people were so big on meeting like-minded people that they forgot to sell their actual product and that's what I'm looking for. PASSION. So going to the NABJ conference has become about achieving passion and meeting people as passionate as me.

However, money wise I couldn't make it this year. The conference was too far, price of plane ticket and hotel would be more than I have, and that wouldn't even include getting into the conference and buying food. So I just couldn't make it happen. But in the midst of not making it happen I've received some good news about the NABJ 2012 convention.

Next year's convention will be in New Orleans, which is only about four-five hours away from me. This means  either the flight will be significantly cheaper or I can drive. I'll also easily be able to book a nice hotel and pay for the conference since I do have a full time job and plenty of time to save money.

It's going to be great. NABJ 2012 conference in New Orleans is about to take over my dreams. This is extra special because it means my goals are coming closer to me. I hope to see you there next year if you go.

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