Monday, July 25, 2011

You Don't Have To Work All The Time (Or Say You Do)

A lot of people love to say all they do is work. You ask them what they are up to and they will respond with working 24/7. Some even like to say 25/8. This basically means they're working every day and all day with no breaks and no rest, which we all know is impossible.

Well not everyone say that is a work-a-holic will use these phrases. For some, they never know what to do with their time off. They think of things to do for their whole break until it's time to work again, but they never have any fun. Then they turn around and complain about not having fun, but the depth of their mentality floats around money.

I like to call these people work-a-holics. Here's the problem with their mentality and some math for all of you to think about.

Work-a-holics like to say all they do is work. Well, 24x7= 168. 168 is the amount of hours in a week. It is absolutely  impossible for a person to work a whole week.

The average worker's time is 40 hours a week. Assuming they get an average amount of rest they sleep 8 hours a night. 8x7= 56. Sleep and work would mean they have approximately 72 hours of free time during the whole week. This 72 hours accounts for eating, catering to family or the single and dating life, and having hobbies.

I was having a conversation with someone recently and all they could talk about was money and how they work all the time. Then they said they don't have time to have fun, because they are saving up money for future endeavors ( house, cars, traveling). I listened to them, but then told them it made no sense how people only focused on money and finances. I'd rather use some of my extra money for fun.

Granted like every other responsible person in the world, I do have a savings account which gets money put into it regularly. However, I've also learned how to use my 72 hours of free time during each week for some fun. Either I'm writing, reading, or going out somewhere. When I go out, I even spend a little extra money just to make everything worth it.

For example, as expensive as the movies is I will buy popcorn and a drink to make the mood better. If I go to a restaurant I don't mind have expensive tastes because it's my treat to myself and my way of relaxing. When I go out with friends, money is not a worry on my mind because I know I didn't earn all of it just to watch it grow in the bank. Some of that money was earned for me to spend on whatever I choose.

So, if you never know what to do on your time off, because work and money are they only things that motivate you, rethink your plans. Force yourself to put the business attitude aside because you didn't work just to be boring. You don't have to work all the time. You deserve to have some fun and spend some of your money on things other than bills and food.

Next post will be about College Career Students. You've met them or know someone who fits the description.

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