Thursday, December 9, 2010

How Are You Using Your Future?

Last night on the MoNique Show, MoNique started out by addressing how we are living in the future. First she mentioned the Jetson's cartoon. In the cartoon people were
flying around and playing with all sorts of electronics.  Then she pointed out how the future that the Jetson's presented is with us now.

She talked about the electronic cars. If you haven't heard, we have cars that run on electricity. That means if you own this type of car you never have to worry about gas prices. She talked about braces. A long time ago braces had to be in a person's mouth forever for teeth to get straight. Now there's braces that people need for a couple months and there's even invisible braces that can easily be removed. She even talked about teeth. Now we can buy clip on teeth. It's crazy, but someone is profiting from the invention of a set of clip on teeth that blend in to look like they are the person's real teeth. My question is how are you using your future?

I see people complain about the lack of real music every day. However, the future that we are living (YouTube and other music websites) has made it easy for singers and rappers to not even have to go to labels to get heard. YouTube and these  other websites have also made it easy for us to search for good music without having to wait for the radio station. Without YouTube 50 Tyson wouldn't have two music videos and a record deal. Without these great inventions some of the greatest lyricists out right now would not have as big of an audience as they do.

There was once this guy who I thought was cute. Then I allowed one of my friends to meet him and his image crumbled. It all fell with one question. That question she asked was "What do you think of Lashuntrice as a writer?" He responded to her by saying he didn't know that I had writing skills. That was unacceptable. Ten years ago you had to ask questions to get answers to everything. However, the future we have created allows us to find out a little about everything. Questions are still needed, but the basic answers are available online. If you want to find out what a person is doing with their life, their college major is at least available online. If you want to find out what a person ate for dinner they probably updated it on their Facebook/twitter status. If you can't afford a book for school or extra-curricular reading there's a world to read about online.

The older we get the more we want the world to pay attention to us. There's no better way to do it than to write a book that eventually lands on a best sellers list. However, publishing a book isn't as easy as writing it, but the future has created other ways for us to express ourselves. Newspapers seemed to have been dying at one point, but the internet has gave newspapers an new outlook. That means the newspaper reporters reach a wider audience. It's the same for magazine writers. While those are still challenging sources to get your voice into, there are lots of websites and blogs. All a person has to do is build a website/blog and then gather an audience. Then they have an outlet.

Whether everyone is feeling the sweet  joy of success or half of the economy is suffering in a recession, the future allows us to still be able to express ourselves. The future also offers us an easier way to find out information. The future makes our lives less stressful. So, how are you utilizing your future?

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