Friday, December 31, 2010

A Lesson To Remember From 2010

A Lesson To Remember From 2010
(Inspired By Trey Songz and Random Events)
"You don't know how this pressure be. I guess I got some stress in me."- Trey Songz

For my readers, I'M BACK. I hope you enjoyed my Miss Too Sexy's Most Influential People of 2010 Awards (if you read any of the categories). I'll make another have another awards at the end of next year. Anyway I've been figuring out a good way to interpret this year. It's been crazy. The beginning of the year was great, because I was looking for to graduating from college, but after that things went 180 degrees.

That's why it's been so important to interpret the year of 2010. This year was the beginning of a new decade, so maybe that's why my expectations for myself was so high. It was also the year I graduated and was expected to begin my career. 2010 was also the year to figure out exactly what kind of effected the messed up economy would have on me. More than anything else this year was the year that I decided to focus 100% on my writing. I don't know what it was about 2010, but I couldn't interpret it until I heard Trey Songz song SK shit.

That's where this year's lesson comes in. It's short and  it's simple. It's what 98% of the world does.

"When life starts to confuse you get lost in music."- Me

Actually when life starts to confuse you get lost in whatever it is that you love to do. It will be hard to focus on whatever that love is again, but it will be worth it.

(P.S. I made up the statistic.)

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