Monday, December 13, 2010

"I'm On My New New" Ray J and Brandy: A Family Business Review

Last night the second show of the second season of Ray J and Brandy: A Family Business aired. Because Brandy was on Dancing With the Stars recently, it seemed as if the attention would be on her. However, instead it's been on Ray J.

Ever since the first episode, which aired a week ago, Ray J has been trying to have a new start with his life. First he started with a new girlfriend and then he started with heavy club promotion. He's also started off by trying to spend more time with his girlfriend and less time in the studio or club. On last night's episode he started off by talking about how he needed a new car.

"Some people like to go to the movies. I like to test drive fast cars."-- Ray J

According to Ray J, his old self would have just bought the car. Instead he called it test driving.

"Let's see what this joint do"- Ray J

Of course in the end Ray J gave into temptation and bought the car. This wasn't the first time he let the temptation get to him. In the first episode even with a new girlfriend he was still in the club flirting.

That's why all this "New Me, New Lifestyle" talk has to quit. Saying you're on your new shit is like trying to kill everything you learned since the day you were born. It doesn't work. Instead of talking about becoming a new you just focus on being a better you. A better Ray J would not have flirted with the girl at the club. A better Ray would have possibly bought a car, but he would have bought responsibly (meaning set a price limit). Ray J has a lot of work to do before he's a better person, but it's nice seeing his progress.

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