Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Reflections (Find Yourself)

Have you ever followed the crowd? Have you ever went to events/concerts/parties just because others said go? Have you ever listened to others when they told you what they thought you should be  doing with your life? Well, stop listening to them.

The world is cruel. You're never going to please everyone. In fact the ones that will criticize you the most will be the ones closest to you. They'll hurt you and try to pull you down because of your goals. They'll be displeased with you because your dreams will take longer than doing it their way. The pressure will sometimes be easy to ignore, but at other times it will get to you. They key point to remember is that you will never satisfy everyone. So, don't try to.

Find yourself. Find out what interests you. Decide what makes you happy. Live your life according to what will make you smile.

P.S. The men do it all the time. They find what makes them happy before they look for a significant other to share their experiences with.

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