Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Workforce Solutions (A New Experience)

Today I decided to have to have a new adventure. It was an adventure that involved furthering the job search. This adventure led me to a place called Workforce Solutions.
 This place was amazingly crowded. When I arrived there was someone holding the door open for people. Then there was a line and two greeting desks. Once a person made it to the desk then the person led them to someone who would assist them with getting work. As I looked around I noticed a lot of desks and they were all filled with people getting help.

You may be wondering what Workforce Solutions is. Well, in Texas it's the name of the unemployment office. I never thought I'd need this place, but at this point I'm desperate. I've applied to thousands of places online and only received rejections letters. I've called too many places and only heard "We'll return your call when we review your application." How long does it take to look at a resume? I've also had too many people only ask me to to give my opinion on their work and it kills me.

Having people ask my advice doesn't kill me. The fact that they ask for my opinion, but these jobs treat me as if I have no skills at all kills me. So I'm banking (with the $2.50 in my account) that Workforce Solutions will give me some help. Today I went for observation. Next time I will have a cover letter and resume to present to them.

P.S. I heard that they only help people if they've been laid off. I'm praying that is not true.

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