Monday, July 20, 2009


DROP DEAD DIVA is Lifetime's newest series. On this show a girl who is shallow and very skinny dies in a car accident. At the same time a lawyer dies after being shot in the office. The skinny girl goes to the gates of heaven gets mad at her gatekeeper and presses a return button. This return button sends her back down to earth, but in the body of the lawyer who is overweight and lacking in confidence.

No one knows who this woman really is except for her best friend and her gatekeeper (who has actually become her guardian angel because of her behavior). She is now a different person in every aspect of her life. She still has the memories from her life as a skinny woman, but she has to function a lot differently. She is now making a living helping others, but she is trying to find out how to help herself and gain a new confidence.

This show is really good. It makes you question who you are and where you are in life. It makes you question what you are doing to make others happy and are you really happy with yourself. It is a real eye opener and that is why this show is worth watching. It comes on Lifetime Original Network every sunday at 9pm est.

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