Friday, July 2, 2010

News Worthy Thoughts Of The Day

Sometimes I get so consumed in reading about stars I forget to check out important news like CNN. Because today was a slow day for gossip in the entertainment industry I started to wonder what was going on in the world. Here are a few questions that popped in my mind.

Is the oil still in the water?
Has seafood gone back to a reasonably expensive price?
Are people still boycotting BP?
Is owning a gas station still the second most profitable job in the world?
The first is owning a funeral home.
What is the name of the hurricane that's heading toward the gulf?
Is the news sure there's hurricane?
It's been raining in Tallahassee, Florida every day since the beginning of May.

I know the answer to most of these questions. Anyway I'm out. Until next time stay tuned to

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