Sunday, December 6, 2015

Quit Looking (Poem)

Inspired by Eric Bellinger's Quit Looking. These are the words of a single woman that's playing the game the way its been given to her. 

You can quit looking
Cause I’m the one for you
You can quit looking right now
I don’t like begging
So I’ll only say it a few more times
Either you’re the one for me
Or you should’ve never done this to me
Stayed in my life
Throwing compliments my way
You liked my smile
You said you liked my style
One conversation, two
Talking could only lead to one thing
I knew it from the beginning
Sex was on your mind
You’re so fine
You knew I’d give my body to you
And I’d love to give my mind too
But you playing too many games
Lose her
I’m cuter
Then again
Fuck It
You can move on
I’ll hide my emotions
Until the next man
Maybe he’ll be the right one

And I’ll make him mines

There are more poems coming. 

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