Sunday, May 31, 2015

If You Really Want It #Goals #Ambitions

Disclaimer: This is for those of you who know rejection really well. This is for those of you whose passion has been ignored so many times that you are questioning whether you are even good enough to be in that field. This is for those of you that know what you want in life, but the right people aren't giving you the chance to prove yourself.

Your dream could be to write at one of your favorite magazines, newspapers, or even work your way into television and radio stations. You've heard no too many times. Sometimes you feel really discouraged just off the amount of times a day you're sending out applications just to wake up the next day with no responses. It's overwhelming. It's heartbreaking. It's getting even worse because you're jobless and living off of someone else. The person that is feeding you and making sure you have a comfortable place to sleep is getting frustrated too, but at you. They are tired of taking care of you. They don't understand how hard you are trying, so they assume you aren't trying at all. Your spirit of hopefulness is slowly fading from their negativity and from the lack of opportunities coming your way. How do you recover from this?

You could just continue the same process of filling out applications every day. Eventually some company will respond. It may not be enough money to satisfy you or whoever is taking care of you. It may not be any money offered out due to how long you've been unemployed. Getting the position may require you to do an internship first. However, you have to keep trying.

You could work on perfecting your skills while you are applying. This way you can show employers that you have been working while unemployed. For those people wanting to get into journalism and the entertainment industry there are many different outlets to help improve skills. A few are blogging, video blogging (vlogging), and podcasts. Learning how to take pictures and edit your own work will also help  once you're employed. These help you create an audience while you're attempting to get someone to believe you're worthy of getting a paycheck too.

You could take a risk. Online media isn't for everyone. You may not want to create a blog or utilize other ways of getting your talents noticed online. However, sometimes taking a risk is exactly what you need to do to finally start getting some cash in your pockets. There are several risks you could take to get employment. You could move to another place, start submitting articles instead of applications, or get a job in another career field. Getting a job in another career field may sound crazy, but it's a temporary way of getting paid.

You have options. You have more than one way of accomplishing your journalism dreams. If you really want this, do what you have to do to get it.