Monday, July 27, 2015

Birdman (@Birdman5Star) Is Promoting A Lil Wayne Look-A-Like

Lil Wayne's looks are not original. There are tons of men in Texas and Louisiana walking around looking just like him. As of recently, we know there are men in Atlanta walking around looking like Wayne too. However, can his star status be duplicated? Our favorite Cash Money CEO, Birdman, may be trying to recreate Wayne's fame in another artist. 

With artists leaving Cash Money, Birdman has had to find new talent. One of his newest talents is a singer that goes by the stage name of Jaquees. 

Rodriquez Jaquees Broadnax isn't exactly like Lil Wayne. He's a 21 year old singer from Atlanta, GA. He's under Rich Gang Management and was signed to Cash Money this year. The only similarity they have so far his looks. 

It might just be a coincidence, but do you think Jaquees' looks will bring the positive attention back to Cash Money or are you just concerned about his skills? If you resembled an artist, would you sign to the label they were having drama with?