Monday, July 20, 2015

Would You Let Someone Date Your Husband? #BBWLA

After a couple years of Basketball Wives LA, we all know by now that Jackie Christie is crazy and her husband Doug Christie runs all of his actions through her.

Jackie controls the household and she controls his environment outside of the household too. In fact Jackie has admitted that she does not let Doug be around any other woman alone because after 20+ years together she's still afraid of losing him. How sweet and weird at the same time. So it came as a surprise to all of us when Malaysia Pargo was so upset at Jackie that she said the only way they could have a friendship again is if Jackie let her go on a date with Doug. It was even more shocking when Jackie actually agreed.

The date didn't look like the most interesting experience for anyone involved. Jackie sat across the street nervously spying, Doug's phone kept ringing because Jackie was calling, and recently divorced Malaysia was clearly uncomfortable.

While Jackie is the craziest woman on the show, her need to be friends with the other women seems to be genuine. Her need for Malaysia as a friend caused her to go to desperate measures. Not many women would hand their husband over to another woman in hopes of continuing their friendship. Jackie did though.

Do you have any friends that you value enough to let them go on a date with your husband to save the friendship? What if you weren't married to him and some woman suggested going on a date with him in order to continue your friendship?

I definitely would not go on a date with another woman's man and I wouldn't give another woman permission to go on a date with my man.