Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pilar Sanders Is The New Face Of Scorned Women

Pilar Sanders once appeared to be a happy wife and spoiled woman. She had everything she could possibly want. There were the kids, the rich husband, and the nice house. She also had jealous women around her. This was shown on that boring reality show Football Wives. Wait...

Football Wives was a very unique wives show because they were all married or in a relationship. There was not one divorced or single woman on the show. Even the drama on the show was tame. There were couples struggling financially, worrying about husbands being traded, and Pilar treating everyone like her servants. Lets face it. Pilar ruled that show. She fed us the picture of a perfect wife with a loving husband and obedient children, and an attitude that said she was not playing around.

It's too bad Deion Sanders waited until the show was over to announce he was leaving Pilar. There were rumors the he initially denied. I think those denies were coming because Pilar just wanted their perfect family to stay perfect. However, the frame has been broken. They are a mess and it all started late 2011.

I'm not sure who started the divorce drama. The first article I remember reading came from Deion Sanders. During this time he was just announcing their divorce. Then all the mess started. Deion kept talking, Pilar started talking, and Deion's daughter Deiondra jumped into the mix to bad mouth Pilar. There were reports that Pilar was a gold digger, a horrible mother, cheating on Deion the whole marriage, and even reports that she separated her children from his other children. Her ways of fighting back were in the forms of accusing him of cheating and citing emotional damage. Pilar also thought it was smart to sue Deion for $200 million, which is hard to get since she signed a prenuptial agreement.

(Sidenote: Why do men still uphold these prenups after years with their wives and families being created? Is it really all about greed if the relationship is ever to end?)

Other than nasty words, this nasty divorce seemed to be going normal at first, but then something happened. Pilar went from being in the middle of a divorce to becoming a straight out scorned woman. Her crime was announced a couple days ago.

Supposedly she attacked her estranged husband in his bedroom while the kids were watching. She had some help from a friend, but she was the one that ended up being handcuffed. Check the photo above. Since her arrest Deion Sanders has also been ticketed from the event. Police realized that there was more than one  guilty party. However, all eyes are still on Pilar.

Truth is most men in these situations are jackasses. Deion is actually the ultimate jackass. Not only is he dragging a woman he spent more than a decade with through the dirt, but he forced his children to file police reports against her. Wait, before the incident happened Deion was seen out for a fun time with Tracey Edmonds, Babyface's ex-wife. Who does that to the children? However, this isn't about Deion. This is about the change in Pilar.

She's America's new scorned woman. She went from being the cool calm in shape model we all knew her for to becoming a woman so mad she'd attack the man that's divorcing her. Those reports said she hit, scratched, and bit Deion. Pilar had that same "not playing" attitude, but this time she used to for revenge.

Why do men have to drive us to these points? Hopefully Pilar won't take her scorn much farther than it has already gone and Deion gets exactly what he deserves.

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