Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Da Brat Gets Styled By June

Da Brat, one of my idols, is officially back and June Ambrose has given her a style fit for star status.

It all started a year ago when she was released from prison. It didn't take long for her to get back to her roots and find a mic. To my knowledge Da Brat has done at least three remixes to hot radio friendly songs, but she is getting ready for more.

While watching Styled by June I was able to see Da Brat get made back into the girly figure she was once able to portray. Well she didn't go too far. With weight gain and years away from the gym, the heels weren't going too high and the outfits weren't showing too much figure. However, June managed to  find a balance. Check out the photos below.

It started with a fight. June Ambrose was thinking curves and corset, but Da Brat was thinking of covering it all up and putting on some sneakers. The comprise was a cute t-shirt and a kilt to still give off a pretty figure.

Then came porn star Brat. June's idea was to get Da Brat in touch with her more feminine side. The best way is too make her look over-the-top sexy. After this Da Brat finally lightens up a bit and has fun.

Now it's my turn. Well one day it will be my turn to get styled by June Ambrose or whoever else is available. Next episode features Michelle of Destiny's Child.

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