Saturday, April 23, 2011

Madea's Big Happy Family (Why I Love Tyler Perry)

This is not a spoiler. However, if you are not sure about seeing Tyler Perry's latest movie "Madea's Big Happy Family" watch it. It is definitely his best film ever. The commercials doesn't give it any justice. You will laugh until the end and you will understand every lesson that he is teaching you. As much as I love this movie, what I love more is Tyler Perry.

A lot of people hate on Tyler Perry because of his portrayal of Madea. The crazy thing is some of the best actors have played women. A few names are Ving Rhames, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, and Will Smith. They all played women, made people laugh, and got their point across. Tyler Perry is doing that same thing. The only difference is Madea character is consistently holding audiences all over the world. That is because Tyler Perry always knows how to make Madea funny, but allows her to make a point at the same time. So there really is no problem.

I think the people who get mad are only angry because Tyler Perry is making money from the characters he creates. His lowest grossing film was "For Colored Girls," which had characters he did not create and it was not funny.

Another reason to love Tyler Perry is because of his lessons. In every movie he has lessons. Even in "Madea's Big Happy Family" his lessons are strong. If you watched the play, then you already know the lessons he's trying to teach. The reason why some people might not like his lessons is because they don't follow them.

For example some of the men in my generation act like they do not know how to treat women. They want to be called men, but they don't want to act like men. They don't want to be around when a woman gets emotional, but they want a woman to pay attention to them when they are emotional. They don't want to treat women out to dates, but they will tell a woman that she deserves the treatment. They're quick to yell that a woman rejected them, but they don't want to take the steps that get that woman to like them. They repeat the same actions, get the same results, and then wonder why. Then they watch a Tyler Perry movie and hate it.

While his lessons are important, the biggest reason I love Tyler Perry is because he's given jobs to more black actors than anyone else in the industry. For example Cassie Davis, Tamela and David Mann, and Chandra Currelley Young has been in almost all of his movies and plays. Before Tyler Perry Tamela Mann saw herself as only a gospel singer and the rest of these actors were barely known. Some other names are listed below.

Natalie Desselle
While Natalie Desselle has been around for a while, her biggest role before Tyler Perry movies was in the movie BAPS. She was starred next to Halle Berry. While BAPS is memorable, her most recent role in "Madea's Big Happy Family" was also awesome.

Palmer Williams Jr. first appeared on Tyler Perry's television show "House of Payne." However, that role did him no justice. His skills were shown in the play "Marriage Counselor." This man is a great actor and he's hilarious. Right after Marriage counselor Tyler Perry said he was trying to get Williams his own show. It needs to happen.

Shannon Kane
Shannon Kane is most known for her roles on day time television soap operas. However, Tyler Perry has managed to make her a movie star. She was definitely an excellent angry black woman in "Madea's Big Happy Family."

There was also Jeffrey Lewis. Lewis played Byron in the play version of "Madea's Big Happy Family." He was an excellent actor and he put a new spin on Lenny Williams song "Cause I Love You." There is also Cheryl Riley. Mrs. Riley has been in several of Tyler Perry's plays. She was the original Sheila in the play "Why Did I Get Married." Then of course there are  many more that Tyler Perry is giving a paycheck too. They are all excellent actors.

Tyler Perry not only employs many actors. He has also led the way for other producers. Not every black producer wants his show on BET. Tyler Perry's success opened the door for Ice Cube's successful show "Are We There Yet." The show first aired as a pilot sitcom in 2010. It was so successful TBS kept it on as a series, which started in January of 2011. Because of Tyler Perry and Ice Cube, black television now runs TBS on Wednesday nights.

While there are some people who would agree on my reasons for loving Mr. Perry, they will give him credit for his achievements. He's created a type of success that most of us writers and and  producers spend our time dreaming about. What is there not to love about him when you look at it from that aspect?

(Disclaimer: Written by a Tyler Perry Fan)

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