Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ghetto Girl (Poem)

Ghetto Girl

Once upon a time in a faraway castle there lived a…
Ghetto girl
The day she was born she came out loud
Cries that disturbed the whole hospital
Tantrums that commanded everyone’s attention
And the hair on her head was too much for anyone to handle
It was thick jet black and red
Her pretty demeanor was cool
But her expensive taste were too much for her parents
They already had her in name brand clothes
If they kept spending like that they’d go broke
So an evil nurse kidnapped her
Thought if she locked her away the world would be much safer
No one would know about big and colorful weaves
Freakum dresses
Or even high heeled sneakers
Blue, purple, and yellow nail polish wouldn’t be popular
And it stayed like that for a while
But one day some man was bored
He was tired of dating women with straight hair
You know bone straight and wrapped at night to keep the style
And with a perm no girl can successfully achieve Shirley Temple curls
Plus he was tired of girls with no goals other than to get married
He wanted a woman with real dreams
Such as opening up her own hair salon
Or becoming the next video vixen
So he decided to search for excitement
That’s why God says man finds his wife
And one day he found himself in the woods
Not the typical black man behavior
When he passed the castle
Looked up
And saw the most beautiful woman in the world
She was leaning out the window
“Hello” he said
“What they do” she responded back
He was amazed by her phrase
But failed to realize she had never even stepped foot in an elementary school
“What it is” she said after he failed to respond back quickly enough
“Let your colorful hair down. I want to see you.”
“Ooh, no. Not my braids. I’ll come open the door for you.”
As she opened the door he fell in love
Big breasts stuffed in a shirt that showed off her flat stomach
And a fat ass that sat up in really short shorts
“On the other hand”
He said
“Coming into your house wouldn’t be right”
“Let’s go out and have some fun”
And she responded
“Do you have some money?”
He smiled,
 Took her out
 And allowed her to change the world
Now every man wants a ghetto girl
And every girl wants to be her.

P.S. When Beyonce made that song she really meant ghetto girls rule the world, but her blonde hair and light complexion overshadowed the message.

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