Saturday, April 9, 2011

Intellectual Question: How Do You Describe A Woman With A Nigga Mentality?

(Before you read the federal government has not shut down. I knew it wasn't going to happen. There's too much money to lose.)

Lately (within the past couple of months) my friends have told me that I have a nigga mentality. Actually one of my best friends has been saying this for years. She says it's why I stay single. Now since the day I was born I've always felt like I acted and thought like a girl. See men and women enjoy life differently. We grow up differently too, but more importantly our minds see the word "fun" in different ways. See, let me explain this deeper.

The Thoughts Of Men:
Men love to do certain activities. These activities aren't societal expectations. They are simply what men do. Check the list:

  •  Men play video games 24 hours a day and do not get bored. 
  • They play every sport that has ever been invented.
  • They need to be told everything
  • Men get into freestyle battles
  • They go to strip clubs and pay women to be naked
  • They become addicted to the gym. 
  • They argue with each other for fun
  • They fight and continue to be friends afterwards
  • They stay in love with money
  • They listen to songs about violence, strippers, and making money.
  • They find it hard to appreciate one woman only
The Thoughts Of Women:
Women, on the other hand, have their own activities that bring joy to their lives. These activities are also not societal norms. They are also not societal norms. They're what makes us happy. Check the list:
  • Women get excited when they get their hair done.
  • Women either get their nails done or do their own nails.
  • They have fun playing with make-up.
  • They go to clubs to dance and enjoy their friends' company. 
  • They make time to be with their friends and significant others. 
  • Women do stuff to make others happy (ex: motherhood, buying gifts)
  • Women go to parks, beaches,etc. 
  • They go to the mall for fun. 
  • They play dress-up.
  • They flirt with random men for fun.
  • They get joy out of knowing all of their man's attention is on them. 
Now when I think of women with nigga mentalities I think of gay women. They are the ones that try the hardest to do all the activities men do. However, you may look at the lists and think I'm wrong. 

For example the money aspect. However, there's a difference between how men and women see money. Men love making money. They just love the smell of fresh green dollar bills. When women think of money they think of how they can spend it. Sounds like a reasonable difference, right?

Well, although I love all the things listed in the women's section, that is not why my friends have said I have a nigga mentality. One reason is because if I was tired of cuddling I would tell a guy to get off of me. According to my friends the guy is the one that is supposed to push me away. 

Also, as a girl my friends say I am supposed to always want to call my man and be by the phone for his calls. Apparently I'm supposed to stalk his phone and make him feel great, but I'm not that woman. 

Another reason is because I'd be willing to play video games with my man. Honestly, even though I'd play them video games don't hold my attention for long. According to my friends a girl should not play the video games. Instead she should disturb her man and try to distract him with cuddling. 

The biggest reason one of my friends has told me I have a nigga mentality is because I'm not afraid to tell a guy if I need space. I don't want to feel smothered by anyone and I don't want to smother anyone either. According to my buddies the man is the one who supposed to not want to be smothered. 

However, I don't feel like having those thoughts makes me think like a man. They're just normal feelings. What do you think? Do you think those are characteristics of having a nigga mentality? How would you describe a woman who has a nigga mentality?

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  1. I think u shoulda called this...."if i were a boy"
    U not a N***** u just u.