Monday, April 18, 2011

Forget Nicki The Barbie, This Actress Is The Wig Queen of Television

The Girl In Purple
Forget about Nicki Minaj and her many wigs. Lately I've been watching the television show "Love That Girl," which stars Tatyana Ali. While Tatyana is a great actress, there is another actress on the show that overshadows her. That girl is Bresha Webb and she has a different wig for every show.

We have watched Nicki Minaj rock every hair color over the past two years, but Bresha Webb has managed to outshine her. In a matter of four months Ms. Webb has worn every color (plus the rainbow) on her head during the time "Love That Girl" has been on. Check out one of her crazy wigs in the video below.

"Love That Girl" comes on Monday nights at 9 eastern time.

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