Thursday, April 28, 2011

Intellectual Question: Jumping From The Friend Zone To Lovers

Is it possible to go from the friend zone to acting out on the sexual chemistry you've been feeling with the person of the opposite sex? I'm not talking about kissing; more like full blown making out which leads to sex which eventually leads to a routine.

Women just picture it. You've known this person for a couple of months or maybe it's been years. When you two first met your minds were in other places and on other people. However, you can't help but notice how fine he is. You want to make a move on him; touch him in a sexual way; make a comment you know he'd never expect, but would probably turn him on. In fact sexual comments do slip out of your mouth when you're with him, but then you laugh them off from embarrassment. Even though you're nervous, could you see yourself with him one night watching television  and then tuning the TV out to have passionate sex?

It is possible to go from the friend zone to fucking your attractive friend. People do it all the time. Friends become friends with benefits. Friends get into relationships. People in relationships break up, but still get together to have sex from time to time. Strangers meet and continuously have sex until one of them is ready to move on. Whether you can go from the friend zone to lust is not the real question.

The real question is what happens once you cross the barrier from friend to lover? How do you react when they still only think of you as a friend? Then what happens if you're not sure if you just want a friendship or if you want a relationship?

After a while someone is going to want a title. Even if one doesn't want a title they are not going to want to break the bond that has been built.

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