Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Reflections: Wifey Material Doesn't Make A Woman Lovable

Wifey material doesn't make a woman lovable. As women we all attempt to be wifey material. At some point in our lives we were told that being wifey material would get us a man and being anything else would leave us single forever. However, not every woman can achieve wifey material and not every woman who is wifey material gets the love she deserves. A woman is loved by many people and for many different reasons.

As women we are loved for our looks. That's why there's a hair store on every corner and a hair salon next door to it. That's also why there are so many clothing stores. The clothes we wear really define us. We are also loved for our nurturing ways. We are expected to be nurturers. We cook, clean, get pregnant and have children, and take care of everyone when they are sick. We are also loved for all of our accomplishments. The accomplishments are what makes us or breaks us when it comes to being defined as wifey material.

Any time you ask a man what he looks for in a wife he will say he wants a woman that can cook, clean, be successful, have his 20 children, and always dress to impress, be innocent, and in many ways be exactly like his mother. Many women take these descriptions and run with it. They cook their butts off just to impress a man that won't even send them a text message the next day. Then they sex and get pregnant because they think that will keep a man around. They do all this stuff just to see the man fall for the woman who is either the biggest whore known to man kind, doesn't want to be in a serious relationship, or just doesn't know how to be a nurturer at all. Many women fall apart once this happens.

That is why every woman should know that wifey material doesn't make a woman lovable. You can be the perfect example of what  a man wants and he will still leave you. Your delicious apple pie, three kids by him, or strong sexual connection cannot keep him around. Tyrese talked about this recently on The Wendy Williams Show. However, knowing this should not make you feel bad.

This advice should make you want to strive to be yourself at all times. We'll all fall short. We'll still find ourselves putting on shoes that make our feet hurt just to impress a man. We might even watch a little sports just to show him we can be fun. However, don't lose yourself trying to impress a man. Don't try to be wifey material. Be yourself. That's the best way to make a man love you.

(Dislcaimer: Written by a girl who sucks at being wifey material)

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