Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rihanna's S & M Music Video Is Better Than I Thought

Less than a week ago Rihanna premiered her new music video for the song "S&M." The video was fun, raunchy,  and very controversial. I liked it because I usually like Rihanna's raunchy songs and the video gave the song justice. However, although I liked it today I realized the video is a lot better than my original thoughts.

See, we live in a world where you're nobody if no one is paying attention to you. Rihanna was reminded that she is somebody when 11 different countries banned the music video. Youtube even has a warning saying you must be 18 to view it. Her video caught even more attention when the producer of the video made a statement about why she made the video so controversial. Just when the controversy of the video was starting to die down, something else happened.

Today as I was browsing blogs I noticed one that talked about how Rihanna's music video was a rip-off of famous photographer Dave LaChapelle. In the picture above on the left hand side is Dave LaChapelle's work. On the right side is pictures from Rihanna's video. After all of the controversy that has hit this video in less than a week I don't think it's good anymore. It's an excellent piece of artwork.

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