Thursday, February 3, 2011

Instant Love Connection (Poem)

The following is supposed to a love poem. I originally wanted to write about love at first sight, but instead this came out. Enjoy!
Instant Love Connection

Just when I stop scheming, stop dreaming, stop looking for what’s not meant to be, just when I look at myself and realize I’m broke, physically, spiritually, and emotionally try to figure out how to put myself back together again, clean out my closet so the tears of the past can stop flowing, drown myself in hobbies so the loneliness of now won’t be so noticed, focus on the goals that define my future, make sure no one sees me as useless, just when I start to climb off the emotional rollercoaster, get a little balance in my life, discover the meaning of independent, just when I look in the mirror, see a person so beautiful, someone once forgotten about, just when the connection hits, only takes an instant to feel it, an instant to allow happiness, an instant to smile again, an instant to discover life, just when I decide to open up…. love appears.

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