Monday, February 7, 2011

Black History, Black Authors, Zane

I've always had an extreme love for reading. Back in the day all a person had to do was give me a book and I'd get lost in it. However, one day my parents told me how important it was to read books by African American authors. So I focused on reading black authors after that. Out of all authors that I've read the one that made the greatest impression on me was the author Zane.

At one point in time Zane Strebor worked in sales. She was the average person that lived the average life. Then she started writing short fiction stories. Her short stories have now led to her having over two dozen books published. Zane is also a publisher of Strebor Books and she can arguably be called a sex therapist. She is also the top selling author of my favorite genre, erotica fiction.

My favorite Zane books: Sexy Chronicles (Book One and Two) and Addicted


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