Monday, January 19, 2015

#Unfriended Un-friending A Person Has A New Meaning

When we unfriend a person on Facebook, unfollow a person on twitter, or stop paying attention to someone on any other social network it is as if they don't exist anymore. One day they are all over our timeline and the next it is as if we never met them. Well, depending on closeness they become a distant memory. However, a new movie called Unfriended is giving a new meaning to making those people go away. 

The storyline to Unfriended is that an embarrassing video of a woman named Laura Barns gets posted up online. Online videos last forever and she's so distraught that she commits suicide. A year later her friends are on Skype talking when someone logs into her account. Who could it be? Laura is dead. They figure its her spirit and starts communicating with her, but she's not there for laughs and giggles. She wants revenge for that horrible video and begins killing them off one by one. 

Now even though the movie hasn't come out yet, the following needs to be said. Killing off people because of stuff posted on social media is not a good idea. Do not try this at home, at your friend's house, or in Temecula, California. 

Will you be watching this movie? Watch the preview below. 

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