Thursday, January 8, 2015

#SWVReunited Is SWV Unmanageable?

Thanks to reality television our beginning of 2015 is being blessed with Sisters With Voices. Yes, SWV Reunited is strong with entertainment. They're giving us lots of ideas, arguing, and lots of no's. However, will we see them agree to anything and more importantly is SWV manageable?

On the first episode of the new year Coko, LeLee, and Taj are thinking up new ideas for the group while looking for new management. In that one episode they almost show up late to a concert while blaming their manger, talk to a great new possible manager, disagree with the idea of touring (although they want more exposure), disagree with background singers, and disagree with working with a producer that Coko is holding a 20+ year grudge against. They also disagree on whether or not they should keep Cory Taylor, their current manager. If they get a new manager, Cory has no choice but to be fired.

With all that being said, in one of the scenes Cory is fed up. He tells the women that SWV is borderline unmanageable. The women feel like they've heard the worst possible thing ever, but these women do come with a whole lot of drama that tends to overshadow any progress they've made. Do you agree with Cory about these women being unmanageable?

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  1. They come from an era where not much compromise was needed, just drive and a love for music.