Monday, January 12, 2015

When Communication Becomes One Sided #ThickerThanWater

Thicker Than Water is officially in full effect for 2015. During this season we get to see Ben Tankard's family work out their communication issues. At least I think they will work them out. With only two episodes that have aired, there are a million communication problems going on. The following are the biggest issues.

Communication Between Sisters
Ben's wife, Jewel, has two sisters and their bond is horrible. One sister went out of her way to break up the bond she had with the other two simply because she needed space. She did this by moving several states away because they weren't understanding her message with her just communicating. However, Jewel and the other sister were pissed and couldn't help but badmouth her to the rest of the family. What we see when the show comes back is all the mess the three sisters have created with their lack of communication and talking too much to others.

I've been in situations where I was outnumbered with the amount of people disagreeing. Actually I was alone to argue my point to it became a little more difficult for my voice to be heard. So it was hard to see the one sister get ganged up on during the very first episode. They yelled at her and threw accusations like she was a child. It was refreshing to see the youngest Tankard child come to her defense but even then Jewel did not understand what she was doing wrong.

oldest sibling and girlfriend
Communication Between Siblings
I don't think the oldest sibling was around for the very first season but his face has been shown a lot in the two episodes of this season. He and another sibling have communication issues. The sibling he has issues with is the one that opted out of continuing to live with her parents forever. In one of the clips he acknowledges that the issue is his fault. He never calls her while he is in town and he barely acknowledges her presence.

In this particular situation I think she was so close to all her siblings and always tried to show love. However, he was that sibling that just fed off her love. He looked forward to her phone calls and knew they were coming. His problem was he didn't realize he had to create some balance and call her sometimes. After a while of realizing the conversation was one-sided she stopped communicating. She didn't call him or go out of her way to see him when he was back in town. She came to a conclusion that he, her brother, didn't really care about her.

Now we see him turning 30 and having a pregnant girlfriend. Repairing a bond with a sibling is the last thing on his mind. It's gone unfixed this long, so he doesn't really care. However, the girl cares and in future clips we see that problem attempt to get solved.

There is a whole lot going on with this Tankard family. I'm pretty sure there will be new drama as the season goes on.

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