Monday, January 12, 2015

A Night To Remember (Short Story)

“Somebody come get her. She’s dancing like a stripper.” The temperature outside was 50 degrees, but there was no staying in the house on this night.

“I came to party like tonight will never end. Let’s party again.” She found a spot in the club that would allow her enough room to still be seen, but also enough space to get in her own zone.  She hadn’t been out in a while, so her outfit had been well put together.  She had on a long sleeved navy blue freakum dress that left very little room for bending over. She paired the dress up with some knee length stripper boots. If any attempts at twerking went on that night she would expose herself in front of everyone.  After enough liquor went into her system exposing her pretty round brown ass wouldn’t be a problem though.

“I’m in love with the CoCo.”  Song after song played. She moved to the beats and sang along. After buying one glass of grape juice and peach Ciroc, she was feeling good. Some guy spotted her standing alone and several thoughts went through his mind at once; she’s pretty, seems to be alone, he’s horny, and he might have a chance. He knew exactly what he had to do. He approached her and offered to buy her a drink. Since she was craving a second drink she walked up to the bar with him and let him pick something out for her.

After getting the drink “throw that ass in a circle “ blared through the club and before she could think about it, he was urging her to dance with him. She took a sip of the drink and began to grind on him. It had been a while. She had forgotten about the experiences of dancing with strange men, but it was all coming back as they found their rhythm. She was holding the drink with her right hand. With his left hand he held her free hand and wrapped the other around her waist. The more they danced the lower his hand went, but she wasn’t drunk enough. She wasn’t even tipsy. Although he’d bought the drink she moved on from him. There was more fun to be had and more guys to get approached by.

“I’m just living life and let my mama tell it, nigga, I ain’t living right.” The next morning she woke up with a headache barely remembering what had happened. She was comfortably in her bed but didn’t remember how she got there. Her keys were in the bed with her along with her purse, so she was pretty sure she drove home.  Her dress was also still on her, so must have been exhausted by the time she got home.

"I'm feeling myself, Jack Rabbit!" Men! She remembered dancing with several men and practically dry humping in the club. The dry humping reminded her of partying during college days. She remembered spilling liquor several times and some of it landing on people nearby. She also remembered a guy wanting to meet up afterwards. What else happened? Did they makeup out? Did they do more? Did she give him her number? Since there was no man around, she had to have turned him down.

“I’m sending you some text messages, but you can call them sext messages.” Her phone made a noise and she checked it. Someone was texting her “Good Morning” and asked her if she enjoyed her experience at the club the night before. All she could do was smile before replying to the stranger. She was feeling a little younger and a little more free. It was time to have some more fun.

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