Thursday, January 29, 2015

#BigWomenBigLove Writing About Bad Dating Sucks

Have you been watching Big Women: Big Love? In a previous post I said I would break down each woman's problems and her progress throughout the episodes.

I wanted to break down each woman's dating issues. It seemed like a fun idea. One of the women did throw up on a date while wondering why she was the queen of only getting one date from a man. Another woman did make out with a dude she had just met in the club because she was trying to get over her ex-boyfriend. There was also another woman who practically humped a dude in the club champaign room that she had only known through online chatting. All of these women were blaming weight when there were some hilarious other issues going on with them.

However, writing about this is not working. If you were to peak into my mind you'd see that all of their bad dates are a huge blur. I can remember what bad dates go with a few of the women, but not all of them. I don't want to re-watch each episode either. Watching other women struggle with an issue such as getting a man always brings on a weird feeling, so I'm killing the idea of writing a lot of posts on this show. It ends here. I will still be watching though.