Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#LHHNY Don't Date A Married Man

Don't date a married man. Don't date a married man who tells you that he is only thinking about getting a divorce. Definitely don't date him if your biological clock is ticking and you are ready for a family. 

Don't date a man that is already in a relationship with a woman, has kids with that woman, and is already lying to that woman. Don't marry that man or get pregnant by him if you still want to date him. 

Don't move several states away from your family to be with a man you've only been dating long distance. Don't expect that man to have been faithful to you if you do decide to move closer to him. Don't get your family involved in your own stupid mistake if things with you and him do not go as you expected. 

Those are the relationships lessons that have come out in 2015 so far. This is all from Love and Hip Hop New York. Maybe we should already know this. However, not everyone does. 

P.S. If you do choose the side chick route, give yourself an end date on it also. It will do wonders for your life, unless you want to become a contestant for getting on the Love & Hip Hop franchise. 

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