Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Make Love To Me Tonight (Poem/Short Story)

Make love to me tonight, even though I can never be the girl by your side
I’ve been watching and waiting
Now is the perfect time
No more explicit IG or twitter messages
No more late night texts
There’s a meeting in my bedroom and you’re invited
So don’t send explicit pictures to set a mood you won’t fulfill by the end of the night
It’ll leave me yearning for your touch and we can’t have that this time
Don’t play with my mind
Get me horny with thoughts of you French kissing both of my lips
You know I like it when a guy is willing to go downtown
So don’t disappear on me after reading this
I need to know that your words are real
Do you really find me attractive, have I really been in your fantasies
Is your girlfriend blocking
If we do this, you can’t have me all the time
I’ll just be your best one-night stand
But don’t keep me waiting

‘I love him’ she kept telling herself. 
‘He’s the one for me.’
‘He should be right here with me.’
‘He’s given me something I can feel.’
However, the overwhelming feelings were just a figment of her imagination, because the man of her dreams wasn’t hers to have. He belonged to another woman. He had admitted to her that he was planning a future with this other woman. They had a cozy apartment together and goals that involved each other. Plus they were already cool with each other’s family. 

Her life on the other hand was filled with a lot of independence and striving to be more independent. However, she didn’t want independence anymore. She wanted him because that night, weeks ago, was still fresh in her mind. She had done something she never in a million years planned to do. After months of private messages on social media, sexing, and building up anticipation she had agreed to be the other woman for at least one night.

For at least one night her bed, which was reserved for one, would accompany two. She promised him that it was okay for him to spend the night. She would follow through with all the freaky things she had promised and hold him to everything he said he would do to please her. She would let go of all anxieties and embrace him. Her body was craving his touch, so the night would go perfectly.

Maybe that moment in time should have never happened. Her mind was racing. She had not heard from him. No messages on social media; No texts messages; He had not tried to contact her at all. She was fighting temptation to call him. The good part was she didn’t know his address so driving to the place he and his girlfriend shared was one less temptation.

Her emotions were all over the place. Could this be love? She knew he didn’t feel anything back, except sexual attraction. Could it be the lust she needed to get her love life back on track? She tried to shake off images of his perfect chiseled body.
‘I like him, but he can be replaced.’
‘He’s someone else’s man.’
‘I can get my own.’

She wasn’t really sure if she could get a man of her own. She wasn’t even sure if God wanted her to have that perfectly family life. But she had to somehow move on from him.

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