Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#BigWomenBigLove Jenn and Her Dating Issues

As bad as Jessica looks, Jenn is probably worse. She's been sheltered by her parents and upon joining the dating world she makes a lot of bad choices.

Jenn settles for every man. I think it's because she's just way too nice.  During a relationship seminar, Jenn learns that she doesn't have to settle for every man that comes her way. She has choices and needs to utilize them. She does change a little after the seminar.

Jenn goes on a date with a man named Dante at a go-cart place. While she claimed she was looking for a man that's fun, she really wasn't attracted to Dante's goofiness. She then rejected him. However, will she hold on to that confidence? There are more episodes of Big Women: Big Love to go.

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