Monday, January 5, 2015

SWV Is Officially Popular Again But Not For Music #SWVReunited

A new season of SWV: Reunited is days away from our television screens.

Years ago when we thought of SWV (Sisters With Voices), we couldn't help but sing some of their classics. I couldn't help but first recite the lyrics to Weak and then continue to go down their list of amazing songs. However, now they are famous for a new reason; reality television.

Reality television has made Coko, Lelee, and Taj entertainers in a brand new way. Since their show first aired we've seen them deal with tough issues that should have been handle decades ago, continually search for new management, refuse to do another album with a label they are stuck with under contract, give live performances that came with hilarious issues, and so much more.

Initially when SWV: Reunited started I was just ready for new music. However, they've barely sang on the show. Instead they've done what's best for reality television. They've given us tons of drama and laughter. I don't even care about the music anymore. I will be tuning in to watch these divas showcase they're personalities.

The show comes on Wednesday nights 10 pm eastern.

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