Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's A Mann's World (New BET Show)

There are some people who really hate BET (Black Entertainment Television) and the programming. They're also mad at other networks with the negative programming surrounding African Americans. However, BET is trying to change that and one way is with It's A Mann's World.

It's A Mann's world is all about the success of David and Tamela Mann. In the preview for the show they talk about being married for 26 years, acting careers, a singing career, prayer, and God. It looks as if the couple that we've grown to know from Tyler Perry plays and shows is opening up their lives to us. Since it is reality television there will be some drama, but it shouldn't be anywhere near Love & Hip Hop type drama.

I'm a little biased with this show, but mainly because I've loved seeing this couple on television. I was also sad when new episodes of Meet The Browns stopped coming on. However, we get to really meet the Mann's in It's A Mann's World.

I hope people tune into this show because too many have been boycotting negative reality television. Let's stop pretending it's all negative and watch the positive people too.

This isn't BET's first time doing a Christian reality show. A couple years back the Kierra Sheard and her family signed the contract and had a whole season. However, I didn't like it. The only person who seemed genuine on the show was the brother/producer J. Drew and the family had issues with him. His career wasn't in doing Gospel based music. However, a second season of The Sheards never came. 

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