Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last Niggas In Paris

"Last Niggas In Paris." Would you wear a collection of clothes with that phrase attached to them?

When a popular designer comes out with a  cool name for an upcoming collection of clothes, we usually approve. We usually count our dollars and see if we can save up to buy whatever is about to be for sale. In this case Designer Jean Touitou has a line of clothing that consists of comfortable wear with Timberland boots and in a recent fashion show he took it to the extreme. To let everyone know the name of this line he held up a sign that said, "Last Niggas In Paris."

According to Touitou, this is all about how Timberland boots are popular in the hood and the movie Last Tango is Paris. Kanye West also approved of the name. However, theTimberland company does not approve and has cut ties with the designer. People around the web are also outraged. Racism is a highly sensitive topic now and has been forever.

I'd say if racism wasn't running so rampant across the world this would be a perfect form of creation. I actually like it and realize it was branding gone wrong. What do you think? Would you buy from a line of clothing called "Last Niggas In Paris?"