Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The List of People, Places, and Things We're Boycotting

With the premiere of Sorority Sisters, a whole lot of people on twitter decided to boycott the companies of commercials advertising during that time slot. Some of these companies included Target and Hallmark. While the companies probably didn't even know what Primetime show their commercial was being advertised during, people decided it was better to attack them than to just not watch the show. However, this is not the beginning of boycotting any and everything.

It all started with the Darren Wilson campaign. Research shows Walmart contributed to making Darren Wilson a millionaire. Who really knows how much money Walmart just gives away to all campaigns, but this one troubled Black citizens most so some of them did what they thought was best. They decided to boycott Walmart. My only problem is many of the lanes are never open anyway while there are way too many customers. Its best to go somewhere else, but that doesn't seem to matter. It's the season of protesting and boycotting so here's a list of people, places, and things from the internet that we are being told to boycott.

Ratchet Television Shows
I'm assuming that if we're boycotting Sorority Sisters, we have to avoid all other ones too. This means no Love & Hip Hop, no Hollywood Divas, no Real Houseswives, and definitely no R&B Divas. Did I miss any shows?

Lifetime is also about to premiere a new reality television show called Big Women, Big Love. Let's boycott that mess too. Actually just don't watch it. I might watch the first episode just to write about it.

Al Sharpton
One day I woke up and people were mad at Al Sharpton. He's an old school leader. Why do this to him? Oh well, he's on the list.

Bill Cosby
I wish we could have been angry at Bill when he was still drugging and sexing all those women. However, he's a 77 year old man now. With all the womanizers I've had to deal with since becoming an adult, Bill doesn't even matter. However, some folks care and Bill's name gets brought up in negative ways every single day.

Charles Barkley, Pharrell, Don Lemon and Other New Blacks
One day I hope to be apart of the new Blacks. They are all wealthy. Until then we are boycotting them. They believe racism is over, speak about racism being over while a new innocent Black person is being gunned down by a white person, and then shrug it off with their riches.

The Radio
Some of the leading songs on the radio right now involves calling all women THOTs, sexualizing all women, selling drugs, being in love with drugs, and more drugs. I haven't heard anyone say anything about boycotting the radio but maybe we should if we're going to boycott everything else.

Am I missing anything? What else do you feel we should be boycotting?

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