Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From WWW.SEARCHINGFORMYSTAR.COM is celebrating with those who only find themselves fantasizing about waking up to surround themselves around a Christmas tree as the children happily open presents. Well, that or fantasize about waking up to a significant other that could eventually give them that beautiful family.

It's Christmas, which means a new year will approach us a week from now. Some people don't need the fantasies anymore because they have all they've ever wanted. For the rest of us, we can spend this holiday collectively dreaming about what is still missing from our lives.

Happy Holiday. Open the presents you have, even if you wrapped them yourselves already knowing what they are because they are for you. Send and reply to mass text messages because sometimes that's what the holidays are all about. Drink lots of eggnog laced with the most delicious liquor because anything with alcohol in it will brighten you mood. Watch Christmas movies because it's Christmas. If you are at work only pretend to work because your mind will be on the holiday anyway.  Don't tell anyone who you received that last line of advice from. Enjoy your day.

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