Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#TheSisterhood Revelations

The journey of a group of women looking into becoming nuns came to an end on Lifetime. 

As I watched the finale of The Sisterhood, I was both amazed and saddened. Every reality show featuring women claims to want to capture the journey of the woman, but The Sisterhood really brought what each woman was there for to life. 

We saw Eseni struggle with whether to stay with her boyfriend or finish the journey of discernment. Her biggest battle was with her distrust of men. She had to leave a long-term boyfriend in order to get back to the love of God. Eseni chose to not become a nun. 

We saw Christie arrive very bright eyed and opened minded, but then we saw her eventually leave with her mind made up as to what she wanted to do. Christie had never experienced love and her mother wanted her to get married and birth some children. None of that mattered when it came to her decision to join the convent. It was God's calling for her. She's also a singer. Check out her video below. 

Claire was already living the lifestyle of a nun. Her decision in the end wasn't hard at all. However, her dad was not happy when he found out her decision. It's hard seeing a child give up what you've already planned for them. 

Stacey decided to do discernment to see if becoming a nun was the right idea for her. Throughout the series she struggled with finding those signs that would let her know it was the right path. In the end of the journey she was still not sure about becoming a nun, but decided to continue her discernment process. In the beginning I really felt like Stacey was sexualizing Jesus in order to make her decision easier. It was kind of creepy, but it was what she needed to do. 

At only 21 years old Francesca decided to keep exploring all that life has to offer. For a second I thought she was going to choose to become a nun, but she really is too young to make that decision. 

This was overall an amazing show. I look forward to more positive shows like this. 

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