Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ideas of Making The Cinderella Story Happen #TopFive

After seeing Top Five, I really want to leave something with a man to show him that I want him that much more.

See, the ending of the movie was very sweet, but what was even more sweet was how the concept of the Cinderella story was thrown in. Cinderella was somewhere she wasn't supposed to be, but met the man she needed to meet. However, she had to peak his curiosity even more and leaving something behind for him was the only way.

If you haven't seen Top Five, now you probably realize it's a love story. It features the fallen celebrity (Chris Rock) whose only in the spotlight again because he's marrying a reality television star and also the pretty journalist whose always too busy writing under aliases for anyone to know who she really is. The journalist is the one who inspired the concept of leaving something with a man to get him to come back. I suck at getting a man to stay interested longer than a couple of months, so brainstorming ideas is important. Leaving behind a shoe is cool, but it's also part of the fairy tale, so below are a list of items I would leave with a man to show him I care.

A Picture, But Not Just Any Picture:
I've only sent nudes to two guys before. I was completely naked in the photos. Looking back, neither actually deserved the pictures. However, when sending nudes I'm saying I really like him and I want to see more of him. On the other hand, I hate these kind of pictures because so many men ask for them but their whole concept is to just see us women naked. There's nothing more to it. Then they continue to ask for more.

The rumor is that food is the way to a man's heart. That means I wouldn't exactly leave him with food, but with a full stomach. I'd have to really like a man to do this because (whispers) I'm no expert in the kitchen. This also means I'm not feeding a man after the first date, first sex session (depending on how fast it happens), or even after a couple weeks of knowing him. Some men try to rush to experience of dating, but I'm not rushing feeding him when we barely know each other.

Chillin at the house is not a date. Never actually going out, but going somewhere to have sex is not a date. Now that those are clarified, I would date him. I love going to different restaurants and I'm comfortable enough to go on my own. However, if I was really interested in a guy I would invite him out with me wherever I wanted to go. You might be wondering what a woman could possibly leave a man when they're dating. It's the memories of how much fun they had being somewhere together.

Depending on how serious the relationship is, I'd slowly start leaving different items of clothes at his house. If he keeps the clothes and stores them away for whenever I come back, it means our relationship is progressing in  a good direction. If he gets rid of them, then he might still be seeing other women. You don't throw away the clothing of a woman you care about.

What would you voluntarily give a man to show him that you like him and want him around more?

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