Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#SororitySisters Some Details About These Women You May Have Missed

Someone on twitter asked who watched the second episode of Sorority Sisters and was it worth it. Although I responded via twitter, I decided to write the following on what we should be paying attention to when it comes to the show. Yes, there are messy women on this show, but some of them are actually worth paying attention to. They are real women who are trying to pursue their goals, actually have accomplishments, and supporting each other along the way. Keep reading to see how.

Business Owners
Some of these women are business owners. Two of the women on the show own boutiques. On the first episode one of the women opened up a shoetique. That is April, who operates House of Couture. She even redefined the meaning of couture to promote her accessories. Then there is Adrene who owns House of Adrene.

Yes, you can buy clothing and shoes at a million places. However, there's always room for another and these women are proving it. If you live in Atlanta maybe you should support them. Didn't we have a protest that involved supporting only black business recently?

Goal Oriented
Some of these women are goal oriented. They're so goal oriented not all of them can handle the idea of having a significant other that can clearly take care of them financially.

Veronica is a woman with many goals. Her introduction into the show also hi-lights her having a man who is ready to get married and have some babies. She's not crazy about that idea though. Veronica dances, does choreography, does makeup, and makes people over. She also supports herself financially and is very proud of it. In one of the scenes Priyanka jokingly says that her man must make all the money and Veronica gets insulted by it.

Priyanka is all over the place. What we see her doing on Sorority Sisters is burlesque dancing. She's also trying to start a big foot shoe line. While she brings drama to the show heavily, it's clear she is also goal oriented.

Lydia is living with Priyanka when the show starts off. Hopefully as the show develops (if it stays on that long) we'll see her progress. Lydia has always had this dream of dancing and we are exposed to her chasing that dream. According to her, she needs money bad to support herself and to be able to start supporting her daughter.

Then there is Cat. For a while she worked for one of our favorite photographers, Derek Blanks. He's best known for the alter-ego photo shoots. However, she's branching out own her own. We see her thinking about modeling and she's also pursuing becoming a photographer.

Organization Oriented
They are there for their sorority members and also there for the women in different sororities. Okay, these women have weird ways of showing their support for each other, but they signed contracts to do a show with women that they didn't know. They just knew the other women were part of the Divine Nine. They even accept Shanna, the white Delta.

So many of you will go on and continue to boycott the show based on the drama, but just know there is more to the story. These women aren't just broadcasting drama.

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