Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just Use Your Head And Do It (What We Can Learn From Men)

Warning: The first paragraph will be raw. If you can't handle PG 13 or above don't continue to read.

When you're with a man and he wants his dick sucked he will go above and beyond to get it done. In fact most times he will do it without actually asked the question. Instead he'll caress your head for a second before pushing your head in that direction. He'll yank at your hair to turn your on and then push your head down south to know it's time to return the favor. Some men know that they can't just push you in that direction to get it done though. So instead of doing it right away he'll make out with you, play with your breasts, and whatever else he can think of to get you relaxed before trying to get what he wants. That is some action on his dick with your mouth.

You may be thinking "That's selfish. What about my satisfaction?" Well, everyone likes sex, or at least everyone should. When a man wants sex he will think of every way he can to get it. He'll use lame lines to get your attention, horrible excuses to get over to your house or you to his house, and when he's got you exactly where he wants you he will make his move. If you decide you don't want sex from him, he'll act like a three year old until he finally gets what he wants somewhere.

That's really the point of this point. Men know how to get what they want. Whether it be through sex or a career men don't give up. In fact they'll postpone factors they don't think are important in order to get to what will be important later in life. Examples are below.

$100,000 or More Paycheck
Every man's goal is to be rich. If he says otherwise he's lying. They all want at least $100,000 as their year round and (thanks to Jay-Z) many of them are going to $500 million before they can actually stop and breathe air. The effects of this thinking is many men will not settle down and marry a woman. They won't do it because they want to feel financially stable before finding love. They will also neglect fun. Every now and then you hear about a man making joyful memories, but most of them focus on working because nothing else puts money in their bank out. They're obsessed with money and they are willing to put life aside to get to it.

The Perfect Woman
Every man looks for the perfect woman. The problem is they're worse than women when it comes to what they need out of a woman. If a woman can't cook, she's axed off the look. If she has at least one kid, she's not wife material. If she's short she's not perfect. If she's tall, then she plays with a man's self esteem so she's not good. If she has a flaw (such as chipped nail polish) she obviously doesn't take care of herself. Most men are not about settling or getting to know a woman if they see a small problem. Instead they want the perfect woman and they will look for that perfect woman. Either that or they'll stay single.

Once a man gets a thought in his mind he usually sticks to it. That is the way they've been taught. However, we women tend to hesitate more often. We're afraid to take vacations because there are crazy people out in the world. We are afraid to go after careers because not every career is stable. We'd rather work a job that makes us miserable and has a steady paycheck than get into a career where we may have to struggle before finding our comfortable place in the career field. What's worse is we don't just allow our fears to stay within our heads.

We try to rub our fears off on others. Before I made my visit to California I was told my women family members that I shouldn't do it because it could potentially be dangerous. Before I received my first job I decided to cut my hair into a short bob. Other women thought that was bad because I didn't have the money to keep going to someone to make sure it looked nice. But I've also spread the fears.

I was the one that told a friend that she should not move in with her boyfriend after only months of being with him. In my head it was dangerous. I was also the one that was afraid to go to a club with a friend because I barely had enough money to spend. The friend broke that fear and we  had fun that night. I and you have helped spread these irrational fears and been the victims, but it's time to stop.

We should be more like men. We should stop letting fears get to us, just use the initial positive thoughts that come into our heads, and go for whatever it is.

P.S. This winter I'm going for spending time alone for Christmas. That's already an achievement. What are you doing to break the cycle of fear?

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