Thursday, November 10, 2011

From Conrad Murray to Joe Paterno Are The Enablers Taking The Blame For Criminals?

There are a few lessons I've learned since stepping out into the cruel cold real world. I'm not just using the word cold because the temperature has dropped. They all revolve around what you can and can't get away with.

For instance having lack of street knowledge is something that you just can't get away it. Street knowledge  is knowing when to cross the street, when to talk to strangers, when to smile, when to walk, and when to run. Basically it's knowing when to be friendly and when to pretend you don't know what's going on around you. However, if something happens when you're out in public it is either your fault or the fault of the person with the gun/drugs/vehicle driving recklessly. If you're the person with the guns, drugs, or car driving recklessly then there's no way to escape punishment. You mom can't take the blame. Your dad can't run to your rescue. Your second grade teacher can't confess that they gave you some bad advice once upon a time. It's all your fault. However, when you are rich enough and your name is big enough none of the laws your break, the drugs you take, or the messed up lifestyle you live is ever your fault.

Recently Conrad Murray had to learn this the hard way after being found guilty of killing Michael Jackson. His crime is being an enabler of MJ for two whole months. In the midst of enabling, Murray was paid $150,000 a month to provide Michael Jackson with medication that helped him sleep. This means Murray only made $300,000 before Jackson died under his care. Now Michael Jackson is the same man that we watched get nose jobs because he did not love his looks, literally go from a black man to a white man, get accused of child molestation more than once, and become the center of jokes for over a decade. When looking at all of his issues it should not be a surprise that he was addicted to drugs also. However, the day Michael Jackson passed away everyone seemed to forget about all of his issues. Instead the blame for his death and drug addiction was solely put on Conrad Murray, a man that had only known Michael for two months. Now Murray was guilty, but not of murder. His guilt was being an enabler and ultimately should have made him an accomplice to murder. Accomplice would mean he stood by and watched as Michael destroyed himself, but that's not how the jurors or millions of MJ fans saw it.

Many people would say that's just because he was MJ and he made many hit songs that will continue to be played until the end of time. But MJ is not the only man rich and famous person that has walked away without taking the full blame for his own downfall.

Earlier this week the Penn State's legendary coach Joe Paterno and the president of the school were fired for covering up child molestation that happened at the school 15 years ago. No, neither of them were the pedofiles. The real pedophile is a man, who after decades of working at Penn State, decided to retire. While the real pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, was arrested and charged with child molestation, the media has focused solely on Joe Paterno. According to records Paterno knew of this child molestation and reported it to administrators. When nothing was done all employees continued doing their jobs as if they never had a clue. This would mean every employee and Paterno was an enabler at that time. They enabled a man who was molesting children, which is horrible. However, none of them were doing the molesting. They never touched children innappropriately, but when you read the articles that has been written or look at twitter, the blame is on Paterno. Paterno is a guy who created a legacy at Penn State. He became the head coach in 1966 and took the football team through 409 victories. However, instead of a legacy people are remembering him as a man involved in a child molestation case.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe these are just two men who happened to be working for the wrong people at the wrong time. Then again, they've been highly punished for crimes where the criminals are barely being mentioned. That must mean if you enable a person to do something bad, you are going to get into more trouble than that person. What do you think about this? Do you believe that if you got caught in the middle of a robbery tomorrow you would walk away as the innocent person?

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