Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Elevation Of Hormones

The Elevation Of Hormones 
(Free And Unedited Thoughts)
From The Imagination of Lashuntrice

He sits across the room with a table full of people. I sit against a wall alone sneaking peeks, admiring his beauty. Someone speaks and he laughs along with others. His smile mesmerizes me. It calls to me, tells me to pay attention. He speaks and others reply. I imagine his voice comes across strong and commands attention. Then he gets silent.

His silence is what heightens my senses most. What is he thinking? Are his thoughts about me? Does he want to be with me, take the time to read my mind, get to know me? Or is he thinking of politics? Does he have plans to spend the rest of his life campaigning, first running for a position on a city board of leaders and elevating until he reaches for president of the United States? Or could he just be another hood nigga with no goals, just thoughts of getting rich quick?

Thoughts of him  run through my mind. His hands, they are powerful enough to kill a man. The 9mm he carries with him everywhere and pulls on a couple people for startling him proves it. He's paranoid from growing up too fast, losing friends, gaining enemies, and going to funerals for people younger than him.

His hands, they are powerful enough to protect his own. As quickly as he would protect his mom, brothers, and other family, I picture him keeping me from danger. Surrounded by a group full of people, he wraps his arms around me to show everyone I am his..and he is mines. He kisses me on the cheek, then forehead, and finally mouth as his symbol of love.

His willingness to protect me makes our lovemaking that much more special. When we're done we easily fall into each others eyes. Or at least that's what my imagination is telling me from across the room.

I don't know him. He doesn't know me. But my imagination is telling me that the rewards for getting to know him could be endless.

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