Saturday, November 5, 2011

People I Never Had To Research In Order To Admire Them

Recently after a long day of work I was home eating and thinking happy thoughts. These happy thoughts came from the fact that my recent vacation was still fresh in my mind, body, and spirit. However, we all know when you're at your happiest there is always someone around to try to bring you down. For me that was my mom. She started in on talking about money and how people who are successful have it. Thing is I already knew that.

I learned that a long time ago when I was old enough to realize in order to keep yourself happy, you have to have money to spend. The bigger problem is she never brought me a birthday gift, never supported my vacation which I paid for fully, didn't say happy birthday to me on my day, and never acted happy for me. She just complained about my decisions. So to help her rant, I told her that she must think I'm dumb.

You already know this didn't go well. According to my mom, no one thinks I'm dumb. However, she does think I look up to stars too much. She also thinks I don't listen to anyone's advice. In fact she used Lala Vasquez as an example. She told me Lala became successful from marrying into money. You're probably wondering what kind of logic is that since Lala did not get where she is by marrying a basketball player that is barely on her show.

See, it's stuff like this that pisses me off. People wrongly judge the successful people I look up to and always want to say I'm not listening. Even more, there are people giving out the wrong advice and getting mad. Can you tell that this made me angry? Well, because I don't want the anger to drive me crazy, I've decided to express it in another form.

Below are my list of successful celebrities I never had to research about in order to admire their work.

LaLa Vasquez 
Within the past year Lala created a brand new fan base by getting a television show, which broadcasts her life as an entertainment star a wife. This show helps many people look up to her and admire the work she does. It also leaves some people to think that Lala has gotten this far because she married a  basketball player. Actually some people probably never knew about her until she got married. I wasn't one of them. Long before Lala met basketball stars I admired her on MTV. She had many roles from a co-host to hosting shows on MTV and Vh1. Before this, however, Lala had a background in radio and she has a college degree in communications. She made a name for herself and I was able to watch. Plus, everyone knows you don't start out making money in the field. Is she really worth admiring? I think so.

Free (Of 106 & Park)
I didn't know who Free was before 106 and Park, but once I started watching the show I wanted to be her. She was and still is exactly like her name, free. She was a co-host who was able to interview a countless amount of stars and she did it using her own fashion sense. She had this big afro and unique clothing that commanded everyone's attention. Isn't that what being a reporter is about? Getting the attention of those around you. During her time hosting106 and Park she also launched  a singing career, because singing is her real passion. Now if you do research on Free to find out her efforts to get to success, this woman has always had a background in radio and television.

Jill Scott
I fell in love with Jill Scott's music the first time I ever heard her. But it wasn't because of her extraordinary singing voice or her physical appearance. As far as physical appearance, there is always that one celebrity that is so beautiful you want to emulate her in every way. It was because of her poetry. It is clear in every sense that Jill Scott is a poetry. It's shown by the way she speaks, the lyrics she writes, the sounds that she chooses to go with her lyrics, and even the way she puts herself into her creations. How Jill Scott came to be this excellent poet doesn't even matter. There's no need to research a person's natural gift.
I chose the above for a reason. Without looking at their past, it's obvious to tell they are successful and it wasn't an easy road for them to be where they are now. Seeing their faces and hearing their voices also helps leads others down the right path.

When you stop thinking about the money you don't have and the life you're not living yet, who can you look up to admire career wise?

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