Friday, November 18, 2011

Poetic Moment: What If I Die Tomorrow

I'm in one of the poetry moods, so here's a new poem just for you. I wrote this last night in the midst of contemplating how I'm going to make all those important moves.

What If I Die Tomorrow?

What if I die tomorrow?
Too many goals left uncompleted
Too many words left unspoken
Not enough accomplishments to say I succeeded
Driving myself crazy
Trying to turn my work into my baby
A baby takes nine months to make
That final year of college takes nine months to complete
Then you get pushed out into the real world
Real world equals goals
Never ending future planning
Making or at least thinking of making lots of money
But it’s been well over a year
And my goals are still hanging around
But the accomplishments seem nowhere near
And while I have hope that the unspoken words shall prosper
There’s still built up fear
What if I die tomorrow?
Fall asleep tonight and never wake up?
Get in the car for a joy ride and end up in a fatal accident?
Drown in a hidden lake while police look for my body for days?
I have goals
Some of them have been spoken
Some no one knows
But God could call me tomorrow
Decide my life has been fulfilled
So can the important words be spoken today?
Make one accomplishment to preserve my name?
Or by just being here has my legacy already been created?

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