Friday, June 7, 2013

LA Hair Season 2 Episode One Review

Kim Kimble and her crew of hair stylists are back with season 2 of LA Hair. While I like to watch hair stylists do what they do best, HAIR, this season seems to be full of a whole lot more than that. There's drama, drama, and more drama.

There was a tiny drop in drama. The drama calmed downed with blonde haired stylist China because the manager title was taken off of her hands. Yes, instead of being the boss China got back to doing customer's hair. Angela also started the season off with no drama. She was trying to get in good with Kim so she could get her job back.

Okay, the show started with all of the stylists meeting at a restaurant to discuss their issues. China confessed she had a problem and was working on it. The other stylists expressed their issues with her cal my. Kim showed up after everyone else and discussed her new salon. It's bigger, better, and more expensive.

As they look at the new place Anthony gets happy. He's ready to do hair finally, but Kim is once again sticking him at the receptionist desk. I actually want to see his work. Maybe later in the season he'll start hooking up some hair. #TeamGiveAnthonyAChance.

The stylists do another lunch (or dinner) with Angela. Everyone is talking when China shows up. No one knew she was coming. China and Angela have another argument. Angela is so upset with China still that she expresses that she just doesn't like her. How can you ever get along with someone you already decided you'll never like? That's old drama though.

The drama actually heats up when Kim pulls her sister in as the new manager of the store. Along with her sister being manager, there is a new manicure/pedicure woman that has a diva attitude to match Nicci Gilbert's (if you watch R&B Divas you understand).

Leah is the new manager. She wears her hair in locs and has a "don't play around" attitude. As soon as she becomes manager, she discusses a professional environment with everyone. She does more than talk to them though. She hands them pamphlets so they know the guidelines. Jasmine Kimble approves of Leah's message. She makes it clear. All the stylists realize how serious she Leah is, but the new manicure/pedicurist does not care at all.

Naja is the nail technician and she brought a crew with her to carry her polish. Kim shows Naja her workspace, but Naja is upset because nothing is ready. Kim sent her an email with the guidelines of when she would start, but Naja is slow to reading. Instead of dealing with this new drama she pushes it on Leah.

Leah isn't playing around though. She has to threaten Naja more than once. Naja on the other hand refuses to offer anyone respect. She threatens to get her so-called lost money back from the store and she continually calls Leah the wrong name. Meanwhile the others are trying to do hair and be nosy at the same damn time.

On the other hand Kim meets with Angela. While Kim doesn't like Angela, it is clear she respects her work ethic. Kim has given her several chances and is still opening up to the idea of another chance. That was nothing new though.

The end was the funny part. Kim was doing the hair of self-claimed diva Lisa Raye. Both Leah and Naja was blowing up Kim's phone. Lisa Raye asked for the phone when Leah was calling. Lisa Raye answers the phone and acts as if it's the voicemail, tells her to leave a message, and hangs up on her. Naja never caught on to it, but it was hilarious.

Along with LA Hair, WeTV will also have a new show called House of Curves. I'm not exactly sure what House of Curves is about, but it appears to be fashion. Hair and fashion excite me. Also Lisa Raye will be on reality television a little more often. She is currently the girlfriend of Bishop Noel Jones, who will have a reality show called Pastors of LA.

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