Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 Sexy Men: Robert Christopher Riley (Hit The Floor)

Sometimes I feel like I should be drooling over men like Lil Wayne, or 2 Chainz, or even Rick Ross look-alikes. Then again I feel like I should probably be drooling over that goofy looking white mailman, or the man who works a the gas station, or even the waiter at the restaurant I go to regularly. Or maybe I should be reminiscing over that skinny ex-nigga I used to fuck with. But I'm not. Instead I'm fantasizing heavily about Robert Christopher Riley. 

You're probably wondering who Robert Riley is. He's an actor who plays on Vh1's new series Hit The Floor. He plays a sexy basketball player name Terrance Wall and his character sleeps with the star Devil dancer. He's a powerhouse all on his own, but throughout episode number three, Riley comes off as one of the good guys. 

Even if Riley's character is the exact way his team is called, a devil, he still fine. In case you want to know more about Riley, I found a little bit of information on Verve Social Magazine. Read about him below

"I’m 32 first generation American from Brooklyn NY, Flatbush to be exact which is a predominately Caribbean Community… it’s a tougher area. My mother and grandmother raised me; my father who wasn’t a fixture in my home is actually from Barbados. My father not only wasn’t a fixture in my home but he played no part in raising me at all. My mother left (and subsequently divorced) him when I was 2ish because of his philandering among other things. I have a Masters Degree in Acting where I was classically trained at Ohio University, and a Bachelors Degree from Lehigh University. Trinidad is home of Soca and Calypso music; we originated the steel pan drum. It is also the southern most island in the Caribbean located of the coast of Venezuela. Trinidad hosts the largest carnival after Brazil; carnival centers around a religious event because it come right before the Lent season in the Catholic religion. Folklore makes the connection between the translation of “carne vale” as “farewell to the meat,” because of Lent or “farewell to the flesh” as a call to embrace the free spirit of the carnival season."

Unfortunately for us single women, Riley also confessed in the interview that he's taken. That means no new women for him. 

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