Tuesday, June 25, 2013

First Comes The Baby, Then The Wedding?

Us Magazine
According to several outlets, Kanye West has asked Kim Kardashian to marry him. I knew the rumors of Kanye wanting to leave Kim were not true. However, this news seems to be very ironic, or is it just me?

First comes love. Then comes marriage. After that comes the baby carriage. When the baby's born, the woman gains a whole bunch of weight and the man's starts to see her in a different light. His reaction determines whether she runs to the gym to get that perfect body back, or if she holds on to those extra 50 pounds. They've created a family. Perfect is out of the window. Comfort replaces it, right?

Wait, that's not the KimYe story we've heard. Kanye and Kim hooked up while she was still married to Kris Humphries. Although she was separated, she marriage was not over yet. While fighting for a divorce from Kris, Kim got knocked up. In the midst of getting knocked up, Kanye realized he was about to be a father and Kim needed to hurry up and get that divorce finalized. What happened afterwards has been a bit confusing.
Us Magazine

We know Kim K. is shallow and spent months missing her beach body. We also know Kanye is private about his love life, but nothing about the two has really been private. Through his past lyrics, it seems like Kanye would not fall for a woman like Kim, but love is blind. Love is so blind that some model tried to come out and say she had an affair with Kanye. I didn't believe it. Did you? Right after that after hit the media, Kim pushed that baby out. Now that's a way to get a man's attention again (if he seems to be fading off to another world).

After becoming new parents, Kanye then reportedly pops the big question. He wants to marry Kim K. First comes the baby bump while she's still married to someone else. Then comes months of crazy media news. Some of the news was true. Other news will remain a mystery. Oh, there was lots of weight gain and throw back pictures of how Kim K. used to look. Now after pushing out his baby and still having the baby weight on, Kanye asks her to marry him.

Maybe we as women do have to be patient when waiting for our husbands. Even if that means having a kid, or five with him first, we can still get that dream wedding.

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