Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Respect My Business Mentality (And Rasheeda's Too)

The first part of Blogging While Brown was The Business of Blogging segment. This segment was all about getting bloggers to think of what we are doing as a business. It really is a business. Blood, sweat, tears, late nights, and lack of sleep gets put into this. That's is why I want to say respect my business mentality.

Respect rapper Rasheeda's too. On Monday's episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta we saw a four month pregnant Rasheeda trying to continue her business moves. No one wanted to support her. Not her husband Kirk, not Debra Antney (who a year ago was trying to sign her), and not any of the strangers standing around. All everyone saw was a mad black pregnant woman. However, the bottom line is Rasheeda is a business woman who deserves respect. She's a rapper and a sales woman. Does getting pregnant reduce it? Not at all. Money still has to be made. So respect Rasheeda's business mentality. 

The thoughts for this all came last week when I was preparing for my trip to BWB. Some guy sent me a message through twitter and ultimately got mad because I was not traveling to see him. It was never in the game plan.  I'd told him that it was for a conference, but maybe he refused to pay attention. The whole time he thought I'd travel to him for some sex, or whatever crosses a crazy man's mind. Because I was business minded and not quickie minded, he said I was like every other woman that had hurt him. What do you say to that? 

Then during my trip another guy kept sending me messages. I responded to one or two of his messages, but ignored several others. My mind was either on networking or getting over the overwhelmed feeling. After all I was there to meet new people, not talk to people online. Then he told me he was mad at me. His reasoning was that he was stressed and I had ignored him when he needed me. However, he never read my tweets that specifically stated where I saws. He also continually forgot what my biography section of twitter states. I'm a writer trying to gain a following for my writing career. After getting angry with him and explaining it all, he wanted to apologize. He also wanted to know more about me. However, if he would have just read his own damn self, the whole talk would have been avoided. 

When staring at our cleavage, our different body shapes, our continual arguments over natural hair versus perms, men tend to forget we women are about our business. We have to remind them. I'm not my hair. I'm not some girl for a man to use and abuse whenever he wants to. I'm a business person first, so respect my business mentality. 

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