Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Increasing The Photo Game Means

I want to take more photos. You may already think I have a lot of photos in my collection, but it's a myth. There are never enough photos taken. Why?

People complain about taking photos. Some say they don't want to be photographed. Some never like a single photo that is taken of them. Some want themselves photographed, but there is never a camera around. Some people just don't know what they want.

Well, I'm the photographer that doesn't give a damn how you look in the photo. Wait, I care how you look. Really, I like to capture experiences on camera. I like to capture my friends and myself during specific moments in time. Sometimes poses can bring back memories and sometimes catching someone totally off guard can leave you laughing later.

Oh, but I haven't hung with anyone in a while. Either that has to change or I just have to get out and meet new people. In less than 2 weeks the meeting of people will happen. Next week actually I'll be hopping on a plane with my very nice camera ready to capture people in their natural essence at the Blogging While Brown conference.

That means if you're a blogger be prepared to become a victim of my camera. Oh, and as far as the title goes, increasing the photo game means I'll have to get out more. Working can be tiring, but I'm about to balance it all out with some good times. You'll see through my camera lens.

Also, I'm about to start using tumblr again, so a lot of photos will be posted there.

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